PPE - Ready Kit Bundle (3 Kits) - Save 15%

PPE - Ready Kit Bundle (3 Kits) - Save 15%

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Save more when you buy the bundle. During the pandemic it's important to always be prepared when it comes to safety--yours, and the safety of others.  Our PPE - Ready Kits are filled with the things you need to help guard against the spread of COVID-19, anytime, and anywhere.  Our kit contains only high quality products that have been packaged for maximum safety.  This is a great value. Each kit  includes:

3 KN95 masks - 5 layer (individually wrapped)

6 disposable masks - 3 ply (individually wrapped)

6 pair nitrile, power-free, latex free gloves (wrapped)

3 bottles of gel hand sanitizer 2 oz. (produced at an FDA registered facility; contains 80%     alcohol)*

6 NexTemp disposable thermometers (individually wrapped)

12 alcohol prep pads 

*Keep away from flame or heat.  Supervise children when using this product to avoid swallowing.

PPE - Ready Kit ships in resealable inner bag.